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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 23, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, january 23rd. this morning, one-two punch. a big snowstorm is on the heels oaf the bone-chilling cold gripping much of the nation this weekend. how bad will it be? job one. getting americans back to work with be the main theme of his state of the union address. how does he plan to do it? painful memories. >> i was yelling. just asking her to stay with me. don't you die on me. don't you leave me here alone. >> the woman who took her 9-year-old neighbor to meet her congresswoman on that fateful day in tucson. and how she's trying to move on
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after the horrible day. and daytime drama. oprah reveals a big family secret on her show tomorrow. what does she find out that she says shook her to her core? well, oprah fans are waiting with bated breath. that is a bombshell family reunion we're expecting. >> she knows how to build an audience, doesn't she? >> oprah fans are waiting for tomorrow. today, however, a big day for football fans. two teams hoping to make it through to the super bowl. we have a special guest who has his picks. he's a homeless man who won five grand playing espn fantasy football. how this indfall made a huge difference for him and his family. good morning.
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we'll get to you in just a little bit. plus some news on congresswoman gabrielle giffords this morning. news that fluid on her brain could delay her rehab. we begin with the big chill covering much of the country. this relentless winter weather won't let up. there's another storm on the way. jackie meretsky has it all. good morning, jackie. >> a very good morning to you. ridiculously cold in the northeast. wild weather in the outer banks of north carolina. look at the pictures. just by the name, we know that topsail beach. this place is more familiar with hurricanes. they got six inches of know yesterday. snow shovels are not too common in this part of the country. let's go to show shovel country. these are the current temperatures. if you think that's bad, wait until monday morning. where we're going to hit some of the coldest weather in years. six to seven years in boston. you'll wake up to minus 5.
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let's look at the storm system. we're still a few days out. this is what we're looking at. mostly rain in the deep south. as the storm system tracks up to the northeast, we could get snow for inland portions, the big cities along the i-95 corridor. likely by thursday, a mix of rain and snow. tune into "good morning america" during the week. >> not good news. this weather is downright dangerous. when the temperatures dip below zero, you can get frostbite in under five minutes. good morning, linsey. you're a trooper. >> reporter: good morning. i was just about to start doing my jumps in place to stay warm dance. just getting dressed in the morning is becoming a process. the key? layers, covering the extremities. hearty cities, like minneapolis, increased reports of frostbite cases.
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temperatures are about 10 to 20 degrees below normal. it's bundle up, cover your ears, see your breath cold. >> keep moving. you stop, especially on a day like today, that's it. you're done. >> reporter: the kind of weather where mailmen earn their reputations and meteorologists say, i told you so. >> it's could out here. >> reporter: this north carolina beach is covered in snow. and in boston, the commute to work will require a ski mask. so brutal, it's downright painful. >> the most pain that i ever had in my life. >> this has been really bad winter for frostbite. patients go out, they don't realize they're getting that cold. >> reporter: so frigid, football fans headed to chicago and pittsburgh for the championship games will need jerseys on top of several layers. >> the team has warming benches on both sides of the field. >> reporter: so chilly, this bank in ohio could only muster up a single digit. but it isn't all bad.
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at least, not if you always wanted to take a polar plunge. there really is no such thing as it becoming too cold to snow. the colder it gets, the harder it is to snow. so the good news is after tomorrow, we can expect a bit of a warmup. the bad news is, that will happen just in time for the potential of another massive snowstorm. dan? >> not so good to hear that. we have news this morning on the condition of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. our clayton sandell is in tucson. we have been hearing reports of fluid buildup on her brain. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this morning, the houston chronicle is quoting one of her doctors. saying a buildup of fluid around
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her brain could keep her in the intensive care unit a little longer than they hoped. that would delay her transfer to a rehab facility down the street. that is where she was likely to spend the next four to six months. >> this sounds like a setback. sit a setback or is it routine in cases like this? >> reporter: right now, it's not clearly how major a setback this is. the buildup of fluid is not something that is new. doctors have known about it. keep in mind, large portions of her skull we removed to relieve swelling after she was shot. there are complications that could be expected. the fluid buildup can be expected. they installed a catheter last week to drain the fluid away. the fluid is draining and not infected two positive science. we spoke to one of her doctors yesterday who said the
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congresswoman was progressing very well. this will be a long haul. they're still evaluating what the congresswoman can and cannot do. whether she will be able to speak. 6 they're waiting for conditions to be good enough to move her to the rehabilitation facility. president obama will give his state of the union address on tuesday night. it comes as a key moment. as he tries to build power and turns his eye to the election in to is the. our david kerley is in washington this morning with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: what is the state of the union? it's 9.4. 9.4% unemployment. so even though he hasn't finished the speech, the president said much of his speech will be dominated by the talk of jobs. >> my number one focus is going to be making sure we're competitive, growing, and creating jobs not just now but well into the future. >> reporter: when he's not
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talking about jobs, the subject will be civility. >> the economy and his tone needs to be cooperation, consensus, compromise. if he does those well, he could advance the ball a large degree in the course of this year. in what he wants to do. >> reporter: when the president looks into the audience, he'll see some republicans sitting next to the democrats. >> i called the senator and said, would you like to sit with me? during the state of the union. he said yes. >> reporter: that's right. blue and red couples. bipartisan congressmen pledging to sit together. 60 members making a statement. a little more than 10%. >> i think it's a measure to show that we're willing to cross party lines to work together, solve the problems, create jobs. attack the tough issues. >> reporter: but that raises an interesting question. if the president says something that a democrat really likes and the democrat stands to applaud,
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what does the republican do? >> i think it's a sense that people know where the country is. >> reporter: you know, dan, matt and i were talking about this. it might be neat to watch the audience tuesday night. do the republicans feel like they is to stand up and applaud? we'll see tuesday night. >> it will be a fascinating dynamic in that room. david, thank you very much. our christiane amanpour will be focusing on the state of the union. and the state of the obama presidency this morning on "this week." she joins us now from washington. good morning you to. >> good morning to you. >> what are the challenges the president faces on tuesday night? >> i think as david and everyone is points out, the challenge is to get out of a state of emergency in the economy and into a state of goet. he's going to be talking about that. he wants to be talking about manufacturing, making things,
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having americans make things. so they can get out of the stagnation. jump start the economy. and improve the unemployment rate. >> i know since you returned from your excellent coverage in tucson, you've been speaking to members of congress in washington about whether there's ban change of tone post shooting. do you think that have been a change of tone? and is it sustainable? >> well, look, dan, and we were there together. everybody was so shocked. it did spark a national debate. people are talking about the need for more civility and ability to work together. and certainly people i have spoke on the have said that and have acknowledged it. however, the partisan issues remain. it's important to note that by an overwhelming majority, up to about 83%, the american people democrats and republican, are demanding that the white house and congress work together on the big issues. i think that's in everybody's
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minds at the moment. >> a compelling number. thank you very much. and remember to tune in to "this week" later on this morning for a closer look at the state of the union and the state of the obama presidency. for more, we have two of our favorite guests here. >> that's right. we have the daily beast's political analyst john avlon and mike allen. i want to talk to you, as a former speech writer for rudy giuliani, how important is the president's speech? >> it's a huge speech in terms of setting the tone. and the agenda. divided government does not need to mean gridlock. the president needs to set the agenda that helps harness government. >> it appears that the president will be focusing on job creation and from doing so, an increase in spending. the republican side saying they want to focus on deficit
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reduction. how will we see that play out? >> well, paul ryan will be giving the republican response to the state of the union. he's a budget cutter. the president needs to reck noois niz the problem with the debt. i think the new partnership with the business community, the partnership with jeff immelt, he has to put out positive plans. >> mike -- >> here's the problem with that. government doesn't create jobs. big business done. small business creates jobs. think he's making a big mistake about not talking about where the greatest amount of jobs are coming from. small business. i'm a small business owner. the republicans will hit hard that you can talk it, but you have to walk it. if you're not going to truly be
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h in partnership -- what is the biggest things businesses want to cut -- it's taxes. isn't there plit cat risk here for the president getting too cozy to the piz community? a lot of people are still very, very angry at the ceos and wall street for helping create this mess in the first place. >> absolutely. he has to hit hard that they're the experts, not him. if he's walking a walk that says he's the minister of job creation -- >> but they're the ministers that got us into this in the first place. >> nothing everything is a financial community. we need to be creating the jobs. small business owners. >> we have seen him, to be fair, turn more to the right, to the center. talk about taxes. >> lots of talk. >> is there any incentive if for people to meet him halfway. >> there is.
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republicans would be misreading this moment and the national mood if they stick to the no-bama agenda. we have seen positive legislation when you depine the common ground and build on it. the republicans need to meet him halfway. >> there are millions of jobs that have left this country. many people believe they are never coming back. if we have a visual of 10,000 jobs coming in, let's say at a chip plant upstate with ibm, people are still going to laugh because there are so many more jobs needed. we need to see millions of jobs. president obama is not going to be able to do that. >> there's beginning to be a light at the end of the tunnel. that's not enough. there's way to move this forward. the president needs to lead and set the agenda. >> and twlais for the republicans to say, it's his
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agenda, not ours, move down the line if it doesn't work. >> thank you both for being with us. we want to remind you that our live coverage of the state of the union begins on tuesday night at 9:00 eastern. for the other top stories, we turn to ron claiborne. >> good morning. we start with good economic news. general motors is planning to hire new workers at the assembly plant in flint, michigan. an official announcement of the hires is expected on monday. in iraq, eight people were killed in a series of bombings. five car bombs exploded. three more were defused. more than 30 people were injured. these are the first bombing attacks inside baghdad in
8:16 am
months. and drone missile strikes killed at least six people. the first of those attacks struck a house and a vehicle, killing four people. the second one killed two militants on a motorcycle. finally, look at this amazing video. of a vehicle crash in toronto. a large semi struck smashed through a highway barrier and the driver that took the video barely managed to get out of the way. the guy in the car said all those years playing video games as a kid paid off. >> i want to know why -- >> why is he shooting video in a moving vehicle? was he driving? >> yes. >> maybe that's the downside of video games. >> that is. let's check the weather once again. with jackie meretsky. good morning, again, jackie. >> toronto dealing with the arctic air mass as well.
8:17 am
how cold sit? will we see moderation? as soon as it starts to feel a little bit warmer, you can see with the three-day trend, we have a potential storm coming our way wednesday and into thursday. new york city, one of the coldest days in a long time. monday, 5 degrees. and then we will get up into the double digits. a quick crisscross across the nation. santa ana winds. warm and windy weather in southern california. a huge high pressure system the results. gusty conditions. but, 78 in l.a. other than a bad hair day, i'll take it. the middle of the country, light snow. elsewhere, we're dealing with the arctic air mass. cold, cold, cold from the midwest to the northeast. beautiful in central florida.
8:18 am
>> dan and bianna, back to you. all right, jackie, we want to turn to news from hollywood. >> maybe the weirest story of the morning. from the man who brought you borat, the tale of a dictator that wanted to be a novelist. it's based on a romance novel written by, believe it or not, saddam hussein. he first became known to american audiences as ali g. >> hello. >> reporter: poking fun at just about everybody. from buzz aldrin. >> were you ever jealous of
8:19 am
louis armstrong. >> reporter: to a political leader. next came borat. >> what's up with the vanilla face. >> reporter: then in the movie bruno, the austrian fashion host took aim a t hollywood. the national guard. and everything in between. in all those works, he owe fended and amused at the same time. his latest project might be the most controversial yet. >> now he wants to push buttons and ruffle feathers again, i know, a romantic novel by saddam hussein. that can't fail. >> reporter: he's starring in "the dictator." based on the book, "zabiba and the king." he plans to turn it into a political commentary. >> he's playing a character who is a dictator written by saddam. people are already upset. they're wondering, was there a
8:20 am
romantic novel by saddam hussein. >> reporter: we first met cohen years ago. nice to meet you. >> you remind me of my sister. are you also a prostitute? >> no, i'm a reporter with "good morning, america." >> i like this lady, diane sawyers. >> reporter: his films have courted controversy but generated huge profits. they've grossed hundreds of millions worldwide. are audiences ready for a satire on saddam hussein and the oppression of the people? >> when people are still sensitive about subjects, he presses on the wound in a funny way. >> the head lines are getting head lines out of that piece. the headline, it's good to know that even in kazakhstan, diane sawyer and "good morning america" are known. >> your interview was one of the funniest things i have seen. >> i was like six months here. >> you handled the interview well. >> you don't know what to expect. meantime, a lot of oprah fans don't know what to expect tomorrow on the big bombshell.
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coming up, we've got an
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it was $8. well, oprah has put on many, many a show. tomorrow's show promising to the something of a bombshell. a family secret she's talking about revealing. speculation is wild about what this can possibly be. of course, a great way to promo your show. a lot of eyeballs will be watching oprah winfrey tomorrow. >> proor proof of that, we're talking about it. >> i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is sunday, january 23rd. for most people that play fantasy football, it's a hobby. for some, it's an obsession. for one man, how did it help him
8:31 am
go from on the verge of being homeless to finding a new home? and i sit down and talk to ron reagan. he has a new book out. it's about his dad. it's generating a bit of controversy with harsh words from his stepbrother. we'll get into that as well. we begin with oprah winfrey. she has a talent for getting people talking, both on her show and about her show. this weekend, she's got people wondering what the big secret is. can you give us any insight? >> i wish i could. we just don't know just yet. only hours to go before we find out. at this point, all we really know is that this secret somehow vofls her family. >> ultimate wildest dreams come true. why do you think you're here? your family is here. >> reporter: the queen of daytime tv is promising the reunion of all reunions. >> this, my friends, is the miracle of all miracles. >> reporter: she says it's a
8:32 am
personal secret she's kept for months. >> i was given some news that literally shook me to my core. this time, i'm the one that is being reunited. i've been keeping a family secret for months. and you're going to hear it straight from me. >> reporter: it's a rare look inside her private life. >> even though she's so public, her personal life she keeps very close to the chest. it's a really big deal for her to come out with a secret. >> reporter: her production company, harpo studios, offered mo further details about the secret. earlier in the week, she told piers morgan she contemplated suicide. fearing her father's wrath after she became pregnant. >> i would rather see a daughter of mine floating down the cumberland river. he said, than to bring shame on this family and the indecency of an ill legitimate child.
8:33 am
>> reporter: that troubled relationship has fueled the rumor mill. a long lost child, possibly her biological parents may not be. >> she's not very close with them. it makes us think this has to do with new revelations about her mom and dad. >> oprah will reveal this secret on tomorrow's show. as we were just talking about, this better be good. i mean, this is -- >> and the promotional spots. she said, i had seen it all. but this, my friends, is the miracle of all miracles. >> this is her last year. after years. so it's like one after the other after the other. i mean, who knows? >> maybe it will come out piecemeal? >> maybe she'll tease it forward. >> hopefully, it won't be al capone's vault. >> yeah, the big bust. >> let's get the headlines now. good morning. in the news, gabrielle giffords is receiving treatment at a hospital in hoous thn
8:34 am
weekend. one of her drs. told the houston chronicle that a buildup of fluid in her brain will likely keep her in the intensive care unit until the end of this week. australians are bracing for new flooding. a vast lake created by floodwaters after weeks of record flooding is now spreading across eastern australia. and sarah ferguson is reportedly being invited to prince william and kate's wedding. the prince is insisting she be invited. his aunt has not been popular with most of the royal family after her messy divorce from prince andrew. roger federer won to reach a tennis milestone. he's reached 27 grand slam quarterfinals. that ties him for the record of consecutive grand slam quarter finals with jimmy connors, if you remember him. time now for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> thanks, ron.
8:35 am
it will get worse before it gets better. monday morning, some of the worst weather in seven years. minus 5 in boston. a slight moderating trend in the midwest. and then this is a big system that we're watching. we're still a few days out. low pressure bringing some snow to northern mississippi, alabama tuesday and into tuesday night. as well as eastern tennessee and extreme eastern kentucky. then the low tracks up the northeast. again, a few days out. it looks like we could be dealing with a rain-snow mix on the i-95 corridor. mix on the i-95 corridor. >> this weather segment has been brought to you by wisk laundry detergent. dan, back to you. >> thank you, jackie.
8:36 am
we're going turn to the horrible day in tucson and speak with the woman who took christina-taylor green to the meeting to meet with the congresswoman, gabby giffords. the woman is suzi hileman. she held young christina green's hand while she died. >> when i saw congresswoman giffords slide down against the flags, i had no doubt that she had been shot. >> then how long after that, that she was hit, that you were hit? >> it must have been almost right away. >> reporter: suzi hileman was there because christina, the student council member, wanted to meet the congresswoman. >> we signed in. she was excited because she was going to get snail mail in her own name. we were going to have a photo opportunity. and then we were going to have lunch, get our nails done, she was going to go home. that was the plan. >> are you comfortable talking
8:37 am
about this now? i know you didn't for awhile. >> i don't know that i'm ever going to be comfortable with it. it hurts. i lost a friend. my friend lost her daughter. imagine. imagine -- every -- >> i can't imagine. >> my girlfriend's daughter is dead. that's not a sentence you ever want to say. >> what would you call the hardest, darkest moment? >> watching christina fade away. >> reporter: the human drama of that moment is almost unbearable to hear. >> we were standing in line and then we were on the ground. >> you're gripping her hand? >> and looking into her eyes. and i never blinked and she didn't blink. >> did you speak to each other? >> she didn't talk.
8:38 am
she talked through her eyes. and i was yelling at her to stay with me. don't you die on me. don't you leave me here alone. >> what did she do? >> she just kept looking at me. >> she showed an appreciation for life uncommon for a girl her age. >> reporter: suzi said she became aware of the national impact of the shooting from her hospital bed when the president visited. >> something changes when the president of the united states and his wife are standing in the door. it's like a rush of air. >> reporter: she's been showered with cards and gifts. and a hand made quilt from neighbors. and she says her friendship with christina's family is strong. she feels christina's presence, like an angel on her shoulder, despite her dark moments, suzi hangs on to happy memories of her young friend.
8:39 am
if you said, how much do you think you loved her? >> bunches and tons. bunches and tons, sweetie. and i still do and i always will. and she's right here. she's right here with me, always. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm bob woodruff, abc news. >> and we'll be right back with my interview with ron reagan. [ female announcer ] you see a mud stain. but new wisk sees a particulate stain. with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology, wisk is engineered to fight all the major stain groups like particulates and oils. [ girl ] that lip gloss is soooo cute on you. [ female announcer ] you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a powerful clean against a full range of stains, use new wisk. fight stains with science. and more. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda® you'll save 100 calories a day. that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year.
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as president ronald reagan's family prepares to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birthday next month, the late president's sons are in a family feud. michael reagan calls his half brother, ron, an embarrassment. ron's book said that his father showed early science of alzheimers while he was this the white house. i spoke with ron. i began by asking him how his mother was handling it all. >> she's doing fine. she'll be 90 in july. she's sharp as a tack. i spoke to her last night. >> i'm assuming she gave you feedback about the book. >> i did. i said i am going to be on tv. and they're going to ask me what you think of the book.
8:43 am
what should i tell them. you tell them i read it, i loved it. it made me cry. and i'm very proud of you. >> she's very proud of you. >> such a mom thing to say. >> it's such a mom thing to say. we've heard about what your brother thought of the book. he called you an embarrassment to the family. how do you respond? >> i don't respond to that kind of thing. given what my mother said, he was apparently incorrect. and perhaps should have checked with her before speaking for her. as far as i know i'm not an embarrassment to my mother and never was to my father either. >> what do you think your dad would have thought about the political divisiveness? we see now. >> i think like a lot of americans now, he would be very upset about it. he was a very civil man. he was a gentleman always. the atmosphere when he was president is not what it is today. i think he would be deeply ds appoi disappointed by the vitriol.
8:44 am
>> what do you think he would say about sarah palin? >> i don't know. he would be nice about it. he would say, i think she seems like a nice young woman and perhaps, in years to come, with a little more seasoning, she might want to consider running for high office. >> a little more seasoning. >> yeah, or maybe a lot more. >> when it comes to politics, you and your dad differed on your opinions. >> well, sure. >> and did you have political debates? would you sit around the dinner table and -- >> oh, sure. we disagreed about the vietnam war. >> did he listen to what you had to say? ask your opinion knowing it was different than his? >> i would usually bring it up. i would probably start the arguments. i don't think he solicited my opinion that often about things he knew i would disagree with him on. >> did you vote for him? >> i did. both times. >> did you vote for him as a son? >> absolutely i voted for my dad. are you kidding? i can work on him. >> what did you learn about your
8:45 am
father that struck you the most? >> most of the book is about his early life. as i went back and looked at his childhood and researched that, i found an undersized little boy who was often lonely and alone. and he cultivated a solitary side of himself. that, i think, is where he became a story teller. and his opus is really himself. he is his greatest story. he created himself in a sense in those afternoons alone in the dusty attics, in a neighbor's jewelry store. out in a field, and by the river and everything. he was a solitary figure who was very comfortable in front of the public, oddly enough. it's a paradox of his character. >> fascinating interview. you spoke about the situation in tucs tucson. >> i did. i asked him what his thoughts
8:46 am
were, given that an assassination attempt was made there and he experienced one on his father years ago. he said it took him back to that day, the fear, it came back and haunted him. the controversy that sparked the issue and feud between his brother was that he came out and said he thought he saw the early signs of alzheimers just within three years of his father's presidency. >> the family feud continues. >> to this day. how a guy without a computer, or a home, won espn's fantasy football league. and itea his life. we're going to talk to him next. league. how it changed his life.
8:47 am
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football day when ron claiborne is placing bets with members of the stage crew. which was happening just before we went on the air. >> bottles of milk. we're betting bottles of milk. >> today, the new york jets take on the steelers, and the green bay packers take on the bears. that is real football. we want to talk about fantasy football now. how it may help a guy technically homeless, a guy in massachusetts, it will help him get a new home. his name is nathan harrington. he finished in the top 50 of's fantasy football league. he won 5,000 bucks. he did it without having a computer. and he's joining us now from boston. nathan, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thanks for coming on. i can hear your boston accent even when you say the words good morning. as a guy from boston, it warms my heart. give us a back story. you were in a tough spot. living with your family in a hotel. what happened? >> i had back surgery and about ten days -- >> after a car accident, right?
8:51 am
>> yeah, yeah. no, i had the surgery first. and then my first day outside after the bedrest, i got into a car accident. >> oh, no. and you couldn't work at that point? >> i couldn't work. i started fantasy football four weeks swit into it, we became -- my house was infested with rats and we had to move out. so -- nathan, how shocked were you when you won? >> oh, god. i was -- i -- i don't even know. it's -- it's like a fantasy football has become like a fantasy itself. it's helped me and my family tremendously. the people at espn, i won a $3,500 gift card. they went ahead, because of my situation, are now going to give me $5,000 cash. it's been awesome. it's been real fun for me and my family.
8:52 am
>> now you have a new home, right? >> we're looking. to rent an apartment. we're looking. so they said about two weeks for the cash to come in. they sent me the gift card already. >> who do you like today, the jets-steelers and chicago-green bay? your picks? >> i gotta go with the steelers. gotta go with green bay. >> the steelers, huh? i'm going to call you in a second. we need to talk. >> hey, nathan. congratulations. thank you very much. >> best of luck. >> thank you very much. >> all right. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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look, we know there are two football games on today. there is a riveting 30 minutes of television tonight on "world news" with dan harris. >> thank you very much. >> tune in, just take po minutes out of the game to tune in. >> thank you for watching. have great day. nk you for watching. have great day. okay guys...the plan, the plan?
8:57 am
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